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Ready to support your sales team with a new approach and achieve breakthrough results? With the right approach, executives can deploy a sales content strategy that dynamically arms their sales reps with the knowledge, content, tools and resources they need to improve their productivity and close more business.

Our enterprise content experts specialize in helping organizations blend art and science to appropriately craft critical processes for productivity within the context of your company’s culture and structure. Each content strategist has over 20 years of experience in the use of mediated communications to achieve significant productivity increases across their operations.

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Our workshops are designed to help you and your team take the first step to improved sales productivity. This one-day workshop, facilitated at your location, is designed to help you benchmark your current situation, outline your goals and develop a project planning framework for effective implementation.


The blueprint is the foundation for bringing together your organization to continuously publishing effective sales tools and content. It defines the entire sales content process, from creation, management, delivery and optimization. In the first section of the document we outline the findings of an audit of your sales content.

Plan Execution

We provide a detailed recommendation on the content that you need to create in order to better support your sales organization. We deliver concrete guidance on a process for creating new content, curating existing content and delivering it to sales at the right time and in the right format.

Challenges We Address

  • 57% of a clients evaluation completed before rep is engaged (CEB)
  • 71% of reps lack knowledge to add value to a conversation (SD)
  • 32% of reps time is spent searching for or creating content (CSO)
  • 60% of opportunities lost to "no decision" (CSO)
  • 83% of executives don't see value and opted for "status quo" (SD)
  • 70% of training provided to a rep, forgotten within 24hrs (ASTD)

Since sales and marketing teams have very different goals for their use of content, it should not be surprising that about 80 percent of the content created by most marketing departments is rarely or never used by the sales team, according to research from ITSMA. The same source also reports that content creation takes up about 16 percent of most marketing budgets and represents the largest cost category in the budget.

With marketing resources stretched thinner than ever before, it is incredibly wasteful to use those scarce resources on content that doesn't move the sales process along. However, since it is difficult to attribute a lead or a sale to a specific piece of content, most marketing leaders continue to operate blindly rather than basing sales content decisions and priorities on measurements of success.

In place of content delivered by marketing, sales reps often use whatever has worked for them in the past, even though it may include outdated information and positioning, or spend precious selling time developing content on their own. Sometimes the sales content problem reaches the attention of executives which results in a flurry of random content without the benefit of a planned strategy.

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