Sales & Marketing

At LogicWorx, we help companies change and transform their business DNA from mediocre to outstanding, we help clients turn their software idea into a viable software product which transforms an industry, we help sales teams close more business and become highly productive through sales enablement programs, we implement leading sales automation applications to accelerate your sales cycles and help organizations and employees adapt to change. We provide our clients with powerful sales enablement tools and interactive content which ensures their sales teams close more business.

We are a team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals with a combined experience, spanning more than fifty years in the sales, content, marketing and software space. The solutions we provide are sustainable and repeatable across your business, our services follow a logical process and execution, we help sales teams grow and close more business, companies reach new hights and markets all while adapting to change and digital transformation. We deliver insight, guidance and experience.

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Sales Solutions

Our sales experience spans more than thirty years in the business at both the executive, management level and sales rep level. Our team have sold software products and services to a broad range of industries throughout their careers.

Who better to work with your existing sales team or establish a new one where you can leverage our experience and guidance to increase sales.

Marketing Solutions

Our team pair out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true marketing principles and techniques supporting lead generation, messaging, SWOT assessments, interactive sales content and product positioning.

We continue to help our clients rebrand their business or product, generate high value marketing material, presentations and campaigns.

Adapt To Change

We help individuals, teams and organizations reach their true potential through effective change, transformation, business process optimization, training and mentoring specific to your business goals.

Our approach ensures the business transformation or change your are planning is adopted across your organization and delivers sustainable results.

Our Sales & Marketing Services

  • Sales Process Definition and Training
  • ZohoCRM Implementation and Training
  • Sales Lead Generation Services
  • Market Research & Material Creation
  • Messaging & Product Positioning
  • Market Needs Assessments
  • Interactive Sales Content Creation
  • Micro Learning Development

If your like many of the clients we have worked with, you've likely got a great idea, perhaps a concept or mockup of the next big software solution, you have great ideas on its potential, but are unsure where to start or what is required to make your dream fly. That's where we come in, our team are former sales and marketing professionals specific to the software industry, we also provide a strong team of developers, web developers, production services and electronic media designers, specific to the needs of your business.

Simply, we are an extension of your business, with solutions specific to sales, marketing and product launches, we can be engaged on single point solutions such as defining a sales process and establishing e-commerce for your new product, or we can provide the complete turn-key solution from software design, through to finished product and all the supporting sales, marketing and product content you will need along the way.

We have helped our clients in a number of business areas including; strategies and principles for implementing organizational and strategic change, taking new products to market, implementation of sales team automation solutions, streamlined business operations, optimized existing business processes, increase sales team productivity and efficiency, defined sales and marketing plans, established partner and channel programs, mentored executives and so much more!. To learn more about our sales enablement technology and to request copies of our e-books, please reach out to us.

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