Let The Data Tell
Your Story

Users focus on communicating substance and as much detailed information and data as they wish. All while creating beautiful creative presentations that allows you to engage in meaningful discussions and decision making. There is no need to spend precious time trying to figure out how to show limited sets of data thru static images or visual art that is never accurate or up to date. SlideWeaver takes care of refreshing the appropriate data while respecting appropriate access permissions, roles and security.

Think of SlideWeaver as a hybrid between PowerPoint, Prezi, Reporting Dashboards, and Data Exploration that has the best of all worlds. However, SlideWeaver is 100% Web, 100% Embedded, 100% Realtime, 100% Easy to use and 100% awesome.

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Natively on Salesforce

SlideWeaver is the only solution that brings the wealth of data and information stored directly in Salesforce to life.

Multiple Device Support

SlideWeaver is born in the Cloud from the ground up and architected to evolve with it. It is highly secure in all its modes.

Real-time Data Integration

SlideWeaver transforms your Salesforce objects, data, reports into dynamic awesome presentations, that update automatically.

Benefits SlideWeaver Delivers
  • Accessibility - Simple easy to use from anywhere on any device
  • Accuracy - Real-time Salesforce data updates ensures accuracy
  • Improved Efficiency - Atomatic updates saves time eliminating need to recreate
  • Time Saving - Include real-time Salesforce data in slides and easily share
  • Collaboration - Share best practices and collaborate with others easily
  • Offline - Presentations can use used disconnected from Salesforce, offline
  • Traceability - All interactions are saved and tracked in Saleforce
  • Creativity - Powerful yet simple features ensure awesome presentations
  • Communication - Automatic translation enables easire communication of data

SlideWeaver was engineered by CalxTechnology, to improve presentation creation, efficiency, data accuracy, security and to save users considerable time and effort while improving the story and message telling based on real-time Salesforce data, no more questioning or digging through records. SlideWeaver is focused on helping you create engaging visual presentations utilizing the wealth of information and data contained within Salesforce.com. With SlideWeavers flexibility, features and versatility, you can innovate and help accelerate your business.

  • Insight - Built in dashboards improve insight on what's working, by whom, and how
  • Transparency for Accurate Decision Making - Real-time data updates with Salesforce integration
  • Efficiency - Automatic updates improves efficiency, saves time by not needing to chase data
  • Collaboration - Share best practices and collaborate with others easily
  • Traceability and Audit - Ensures best practices and compliances are followed
  • Branding - Powerful yet simple features ensure awesome presentations and consistent branding
  • Management Updates - Automatic updates and information navigation reduces ambiquity or misinterpretaion

SlideWeaver is focused on helping you create engaging visual presentations, utilizing the wealth of valuable data and information contained within your Salesforce environment. Current tools are cumbersome and provide stale, limited sets of data which can be an inaccurate picture, unsuitable for decision making in today's fast paced environment.

Legacy presentations are usually pretty graphics with limited substance and content which hinders a leaders' ability to achieve the transparency and accuracy needed for efficient decision making. Built on the Force.com platform, SlideWeaver transforms your Salesforce data, objects and reports into interactive web presentations that update automatically, allowing users to interact with the Salesforce data directly in the report or presentation. SlideWeaver is the most advanced and easy to use solution for creating and dynamically updating presentations natively in Salesforce.

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