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We’re experiencing a dramatic shift in understanding the way people learn. Formal learning delivered by the company in the form of classroom training and online courses represents only 10% of the knowledge employees need to do their jobs effectively – even then, learners forget 90% of what they’re taught in just the first three months following training. Unstructured learning, the knowledge employees gain from peers, the coaching they receive from managers as well as self-directed research represent 90% of what employees need to increase competencies and effectively do their jobs.

With sales productivity down for the fourth year in a row (CSO Insights’ 2015 Sales Enablement Optimization Study), businesses need a solution for creating effective and timely learning content that will be consumed and retained by salespeople. To be successful, sales must move away from a passive learning model to an active one – one where employees can get the knowledge they need in a form that enables rapid internalization and application at the point of work.

The Enabler is a next generation learning, employee enablement and performance support system that allows you to efficiently bring teams together to build and maintain a library (network) of knowledge, content, and tools that improve organizational performance.

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The Enabler Core Functionality

Interactive Video

Links, hotspots, overlays, quizzes, surveys, bookmarks and jump to commands. All available for layering over your MP4s or hosted videos (such as Youtube, Vimeo or Brightcove.)

Micro Learning

Micro Learnings are the new standard for delivering small bite sized learning and knowledge objects. SMEs can easily create compelling dynamic content from exiting assets as simple as 1-2-3.

Interactive Course

All the tools that have come to be expected for creating rich e-learning experiences with the ability to storyboard ideas with content and question slides, branching, certification and more.

PPT & PDF Conversion

Existing presentations and documents are automatically converted to HTML5 making objects trackable and retaining included animations, hyperlinks and embedded media.

Interactive Presentations

Craft dynamic presentations for better selling guidance with pop-up menus, facilitated data collection, conditional navigation and exportable notes.

Interactive Menu

Easily assemble bundles of content into a menu of hotspots that pop-up for easy reference, consumption and presentation.

Reporting & Analytics

Standard reports make it easy to understand and analyze collected data. In addition, data can be downloaded and transferred to any LMS or used for gamification such as leaderboards, badging and other awards.

Digital Asset Management

Easily organize and share assets for use by all users in a centrally organized repository of optimized accessible content. Tagging and filters make it simple for individuals to find what they need, when they need it.

Value Our Solution Delivers
  • Increase learning retention by 50%
  • Increases sales close ratios
  • Have meaningful client conversations
  • Add value to your client engagements
  • Capture and distribute "tribal" knowledge
  • Reduce 75% of unused content
  • Deliver effective content quickly
  • Reduce sales rep time spent looking for content by 50%
  • Promote consistent knowledge transfer
  • And much more!
Why The Enabler For Interactive Content Creation?

The key to active learning is for organizations to be able to foster a culture of content curation and then, with the process and tools in place, capture Subject Matter Expert knowledge, quickly and easily, to deliver effective interactive content to the users, regardless of the platform they are using.

The Enabler, was designed to help companies develop effective learning experiences through the capture, curate and creation of interactive content. The Enabler platform, is an all-in-one SaaS solution, built on industry leading technologies. It provides unlimited flexibility and power to facilitate your organization’s shift to an active learning environment, by seamlessly allowing you to create and measure feature rich, interactive content without needing to hire additional developers, graphic designers, and/or agencies.

Using The Enabler, your Subject Matter Experts deliver a steady stream of contributions and knowledge that sales enablement, marketing and your learning and development departments, can continuously assemble into a wide range of mobile-optimized interactive learning content, for all your employees to use, while capturing key measurements and analytics, tied back to their experience with the content.

Activity Reports & Analytics

The Enabler uses the Tin Can (xAPI) standard which provides very deep analytics on the viewer’s experience as they interact with the content. The Enabler is able to capture, compile and present usage results back to you through intuitive dashboards and reports.

We capture which content was viewed, when, for how long, how questions where answered, polls, surveys, test results along with complete history of all the viewer’s interactions with the content available to them.

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