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Sales content is not a one-and-done event or something you rely on sales reps to build for a specific customer. To remain relevant, sales content needs to adjust to the changing nature of the business and the industry. To arm your team with key up to date information on both the market place, competitor threats and sales techniques.

An effective sales content program includes strategies to distribute, measure, audit and revise content, to ensure your sales team have the most up to date and accurate content when they need it. But who’s responsible for sales content creation and management on a daily basis? Who has the skills and the time? If you don't have available resources, we can help.

At LogicWorx, we have the expertise and personnel to continuously improve your content and ensure it evolves along with your sales enablement initiatives and sales goals to deliver results.

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We'll build and manage a process for collaboration among your subject matter experts and content creators to continuously create effective sales content. If your company doesn't have available internal resources, we'll provide domain experts and content professionals to complement your team.

eLearning Production

On a project basis, we'll produce and deliver online interactive training courses. The courses can include test questions, quizzes and certification (formal learning) or take an informal, self-guided approach, without testing. Either way, our instructional designers will create eLearning courses that are memorable, engaging and mobile-ready.

Collateral Production

We provide monthly services for capturing, curating and delivering knowledge and content from your subject matter experts, executives, customers and key personnel. This content can take the form of PowerPoint presentations, videos, pdfs, infographics, mobile apps and more. Whatever format works best for your team, we'll work with.

Challenges We Address
  • 57% of a clients evaluation completed before rep is engaged (CEB)
  • 71% of reps lack knowledge to add value to a conversation (SD)
  • 32% of reps time is spent searching for or creating content (CSO)
  • 60% of opportunities lost to "no decision" (CSO)
  • 83% of executives don't see value and opted for "status quo" (SD)
  • 70% of training provided to a rep, forgotten within 24hrs (ASTD)

Prospects today have access to a great deal of information about product capabilities and competition before they ever speak to a sales person. In the current environment, the enabled sales force requires content precisely matched to a prospect’s business issues and challenges. The new generation of sales professionals must establish themselves as peers of business leaders so they are perceived as a source of insight and thought leadership rather than providers of product specifications. This requires support that is laser-focused on creating content that both customers and the sales team find relevant, educational, useful and actionable.

However, since it is difficult to attribute a lead or a sale to a specific piece of content, most marketing leaders continue to operate blindly rather than basing sales content decisions and priorities on measurements of success. In place of content delivered by marketing, sales reps will often use whatever has worked for them in the past, even though it may include outdated information, poor positioning and no value to the prospect. In some instances (32% of the time according to CSO), sales reps will spend precious selling time looking for or developing content for their customer.

To maximize the effectiveness of sales content, it is imperative that all the factors that affect its creation, delivery and consumption are addressed. Easily done if you are using Activator!

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