Interactive Content

With our sales content strategy and content publishing process, as well as our experienced content developers - program managers, writers, instructional designers and graphic designers - we develop sales content to arm your reps with the knowledge, tools, sales presentations and messaging they need to close more business. Our services ensure that the right content is developed in the right format and in context with your company’s needs by helping you source, repurpose and create interactive sales content.

We use interview techniques and technology that makes it fast and easy for your subject matter experts to provide information, sales training and sales tools. We collaborate with your marketing team to repurpose and distribute content and messaging, and convert marketing assets into tools for valuable sales conversations.

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Playbooks/Guided Selling

Interactive and mobile-ready, these tools give your reps the value messaging, insights, competitive differentiators, conversation prompters and questions to have confident, productive sales conversations with each buyer persona.

Sales Messaging

Documents and other media to be used by the sales team to describe solutions and provide proof of value for your buyer personas and decision makers.

Sales Training Content

Interactive online presentations and videos that quickly make reps smarter and more productive.

Challenges We Address
  • 57% of a clients evaluation completed before rep is engaged (CEB)
  • 71% of reps lack knowledge to add value to a conversation (SD)
  • 32% of reps time is spent searching for or creating content (CSO)
  • 60% of opportunities lost to "no decision" (CSO)
  • 83% of executives don't see value and opted for "status quo" (SD)
  • 70% of training provided to a rep, forgotten within 24hrs (ASTD)

Sales content should achieve two major goals. The first is to ensure that a sales force quickly understands how to sell the company’s products and services effectively. In this context, sales enablement includes:

  • Product specifications
  • Industry requirements or challenges
  • Specific target buyers and their unique challenges or needs
  • Competitive offerings and comparisons
  • The value and benefits of the company's offerings
  • Sales skills and sales methodology
  • Operational processes

The end result is an enabled, confident sales force that has the necessary, up-to-date facts at their fingertips to discuss business or industry challenges and the value of the company’s offerings in the context of the prospect’s business and individual role - simply, we ensure your team add's value to every conversation, throughout their sales cycle.

The second major goal of interactive sales content is to engage prospects with the product and brand so that they can envision how using the offering will solve their business problems. Interactive sales content also helps customers overcome concerns and move past potential sales roadblocks, helping them to build a business case or justification for the investment.

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