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Promote Collaboration

In today's business environments, companies and people are expected to adapt quickly to change, to capture, collaborate and communicate on new ideas, projects, gain new customers and take new products to market, faster than ever before. Historically, companies have tried to do this through counterproductive webmeetings, conference calls, flurries of emails, flying teams together for focus group discussions and capturing ideas on paper, whiteboards or clumsy excel spreadsheets.

Evernote for business tears down these departmental walls and delivers a true productivity platform where all personnel within a company or team can collaborate (in real-time), exchange ideas, capture thoughts, define new concepts and requirements, effortlessly, whether they are in front of their computer, online, or working on a mobile device.

Users have peace of mind knowing their information is maintained indefinitely for prosperity, regardless of what happens to the content owners and authors. Simply, Evernote is collaborative knowledge through a digital workplace....

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Evernote For Business At A Glance


With Evernote for business, everyones work is stored in one central location, organized and structured. Collaborate through chat with colleagues, discuss a new design or marketing idea regardless of where you are located.


Teams can work the way they want, whether they are online, offline or on a mobile device. Add, search and share information at the click of a button.


Leverage the power of Evernote for Business to integrate your existing software into Evernote, deploy various productivity apps and migrate all your existing documents, files and PDF's.

Everything In One Place

The central place for everyone's work. All the relevant content from notes to research to files, easily accessed.

In-app Discussions

Start a dialogue in Evernote and get colleague feedback as the work evolves.

Knowledge Discovery

Evernote acts as your digital research assistant, surfacing the team's most relevant work alongside related news from the sources you trust.

Evernote Brings Your Information Together

Business Challenges We Address
  • Information scattered across the organization
  • No teamwork or collaboration
  • Unable to find relevant information
  • Documents out of date and stored elsewhere
  • Disconnected departments and processes
  • No workflow or automation

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Employees today have access to a great deal of information within their company, whether its the latest employee handbook, marketing document or sales training, the challenge however, is finding the right information at the right time to help the employee do their job more efficiently.

With Evernote, companies have a secure platform where ALL content, whether it's sales, marketing, HR, operations or production related is stored, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company and its employees. The added value Evernote brings is that, unlike pen and paper or information which is spread across multiple desks, file folders and inside people's heads!

Evernote brings all this information together into one central place, not for just new ideas, any existing information, documents, PDFs, web pages, images, hand written notes and scanned articles, can be deployed within Evernote, structured, organized, searched, linked and delivered to those individuals who need it. Users have peace of mind knowing their information is maintained indefinitely for prosperity, regardless of what happens to the content owners and authors.

To maximize the effeciency and productivity of your organziation and employees, its imperative your business documents, policies, procedures, sales content, marketing material and teamwork is under one roof, which can be easily accessed, viewed, edited and collaborated with. Easily done if you are using Evernote for Business!