Organizational Change

The business world is constantly changing and evolving, to remain competitive, dynamic and agile today's companies must embrace change, it's an inevitable part of doing business. Unfortunately, most change initiatives fail, in fact a recent survey showed that on average 54% of change initiatives fail to succeed and this failure has been attributed to a poor lack of commitment and support from the senior executives, poor project management skills with middle management and an overall lack of training among the employees with respect to change and how this will impact their day to day activity.

Furthermore, the way in which executives communicate the need for change and what it means to the business also significantly contributes to the failure of change being adopted.

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Unless the desire and need to change is communicated effectively across the workforce, there will be resistance to change and hesitation to adopt the change for fear they won't be able to adapt and uncertainty as to what this change will mean to them. Other challenges businesses face if they attempt to tackle change internally rather than using external Change Management Professionals (CMP's - like LogicWorx!) is; resistance from employees and mid-level management on change, people are creatures of habit and don't like doing something new unless they can see the positive, you may have an organization which historically has never done change before and therefore is unaccustomed to it, you may not clearly communicate the reason for change and why status quo isn't working, the value change will bring to the business and how change will impact all involved.

Change has to have a positive impact on your business, it could be increasing market share, adding new production capability, implementing a new software solution or changing the direction of your business. If it doesn't, why would you do it? Change is a journey not an overnight fix to a problem, the short-term effects of reaching your change goal can sometimes be painful, however, in the overall project, change has always shown to deliver a positive impact on your business, promoting growth, efficiency, business agility, teamwork, innovation and more. Employees who embrace change will be more willing to collaborate and think creatively, whether it's a new idea for marketing, production, or accounting, this creativity further helps your business grow, you have a culture of employees who don't look at their work as turn up, get paid, go home, but a passionate team who share your vision of where the company is heading.

There are a number of challenges and pitfalls you will experience along the way and hopefully the information we have included on our website, gives you some ideas and indications as to what you should look for and consider before you embark on making change. At LogicWorx, our focus is on helping companies, regardless of size, the service the offer, or product they produce, embrace and adopt change across their organization. As such, if your considering change, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you or meet you in person, learn more about your business and where we LogicWorx can be of assistance.

Client Testimonials

Brilliant, Aside from supporting all of our training efforts, we now have a way to effectively capture, manage and deliver all the "tribal" knowlege our reps need to be successful!

Lisa Contini

Head of WW Sales Enablement
Palo Alto Networks

Using The Enabler and working with the team, they have completely changed the way we approached content in the field. With their help, I know our efforts will be successful.

Joe Grovanz

VP Sales Operations
Premier Inc.

Excellent. We now have a business platform where our team can capture, curate, organize and collaborate on various projects through the use of Evernote for Business. We're now a paperless company.

Maria Reyes

VP Operations