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In today's highly competitive markets, companies have to adapt, change and in some cases transform if they are to succeed and be sustainable. Today's sales people, teams and companies are expected to do more with less, to adapt quickly to changing environments, out manoeuver competitors, gain market share, run successful rebranding campaigns and launch new technology faster than ever before. Unfortunately, on average 54% of change and transformation initiatives fail to succeed and eventually the business fails to adapt, looses employee productivity, sales, revenue and ultimately out of business.

At LogicWorx we help companies change and transform their business DNA from mediocre to outstanding, we help clients turn their software idea into a viable software product which transforms an industry, we help sales teams close more business and become highly productive through sales enablement programs, we implement leading sales automation applications to accelerate your sales cycles and help organizations and employees adapt to change. We provide our clients with powerful sales enablement tools and interactive content which ensures their sales teams close more business. We are a team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals with more than thirty years direct sales, content and channel experience.

The solutions we provide are sustainable and repeatable across your business, our work follows a logical process and execution, helping your company adapt to change and transformation through insight, guidance and experience.

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Business Process Optimization

Everything a business does is based on their people, processes and technology, but often business owners find they are out of balance, the process and technology is failing, they solve the problem by hiring more poeple at significant costs. We help restore and redefine the balance of process, technology and people, often at reduced costs.

Change Management

We help individuals, teams and organizations reach their true potential through effective strategic and organizational change management, whether its changing the direction of your company, launching a new product or implementing the latest CRM. We ensure the change you are making sticks.

Product Development

At some point you will have an idea for a new software product, but are unclear where to start. We offer a full service from taking the idea, through to software development, marketing strategies, sales campaigns and eventually product launch. We know what works and what doesn't to be a successful startup.

Risk Management

Each aspect of your business has an inherent level of risk, from the front end of your business, sales, product design, through to your supply chain, manufacturing lines and customer support. Unfortunately most companies don't know where the "hidden" risk is. We can help identify, and implement risk mitigation plans.

Business Optimization

Most companies know there is always room for improvement but are unclear as to what solution would deliver maximum results. Our team are experts in process optimization and implementing redefined processes with the latest technology. Our solutions deliver a streamlined, efficient and agile business to ensure you reach your business goals.

Sales Automation

Stop running your customer management system with excel or outlook and start leveraging the capability and technology of Zoho, the leading business platform on the market. Our team can help you configure and implement your CRM platform, from the initial sales process definition, through to integration with your other systems and training and deployment.

Business Performance & Coaching Services
  • Organizational and strategic change management
  • Sales enablement implementation
  • ZohoCRM configuration and implementation
  • ZohoCRM training and consulting
  • Business performance GAPS assessment
  • Interactive sales content creation
  • Evernote for business implementation
  • Evernote training & consulting
  • Software idea realization and strategies
  • Software design and development
  • Software sales & marketing services
  • Business process optimization
  • Business value stream mapping
  • Employee productivity and efficiency development
  • Business and project risk management
  • Sales training and coaching

If your like many of the clients we have worked with, you've likely got a great idea, perhaps a concept or mockup of the next big software solution, you have great ideas on its potential, but are unsure where to start or what is required to make your dream fly. That's where we come in, our team are former sales and marketing professionals specific to the software industry, we also have access to a strong team of developers, web developers production services and electronic media designers.

Simply, we are an extension of your business, with solutions specific to sales, marketing, productivity, efficiency and automation, we can be engaged on single point solutions such as defining a sales process and establishing e-commerce for your new product, or we can provide the complete turn-key solution from software design, through to finished product and all the supporting sales, marketing, CRM and product content you will need along the way.

We have helped our clients in a number of business areas including; strategies and principles for implementing organizational and strategic change, ZohoCRM configuration and implementation, sales process optimization, business efficiency modeling, process optimization, technology implementation, implementation of sales team automation solutions, streamlining business operations, optimizing existing business processes, increasing sales team productivity and efficiency, defining sales and marketing plans, establishing partner and channel programs, mentoring executives and so much more!.

At LogicWorx Inc. Our team are Certified Change Management Professionals (CMP), Evernote Certified Consultants (ECC) and a Zoho Authorized Partner. To learn more about our services and technology, please reach out to us.

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Client Testimonials

Brilliant, Aside from supporting all of our training efforts, we now have a way to effectively capture, manage and deliver all the "tribal" knowlege our reps need to be successful!

Lisa Contini

Head of WW Sales Enablement
Palo Alto Networks

Using The Enabler and working with the team, they have completely changed the way we approached content in the field. With their help, I know our efforts will be successful.

Joe Grovanz

VP Sales Operations
Premier Inc.

Excellent. We now have a business platform where our team can capture, curate, organize and collaborate on various projects through the use of Evernote for Business. We're now a paperless company.

Maria Reyes

VP Operations

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