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Increasing Sales Productivity with MicroLearning

You can train a sales rep how to enter an opportunity into the CRM system, but salespeople need to learn how to have value-added conversations with a prospective customer. Salespeople don’t get overly excited about being trained, but they get very excited about learning something new – especially when that “learning” directly impacts their income as in the case of winning sales.

The best way to accelerate the “learning curve experience” is to create a system for sharing new information with reps using microlearnings – short, focused pieces of content designed to facilitate learning at the time that the referenced knowledge and information is needed.In the table below, which column, training classes or microlearnings, do you think will have the greatest impact on helping your salespeople close more business?

Overcoming The Top 6 Interactive Sales Content Objections

If you’re not already talking about interactive sales content, you will be soon.

Why is interactive content so much more effective? For sales and marketing, interactivity changes the conversation from a monologue – talking at prospects and customers – to a dialogue going both ways. The results speak for themselves: According to Demand Metric’s Content & the Buyer’s Journey Benchmark Study, apps, assessments, calculators, configurators and quizzes, generate conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content. That same report found that interactive content was 93% effective at educating buyers and 88% effective at distinguishing a brand from its competitors.

Sales Content Marketing Isn't Delivering

Our workshops on content strategy are attended by members of sales, marketing, training and other departments who have a stake in sales content. In these discussions, marketing professionals tell us that although they are responsible for content creation, sales content takes a back seat to their content marketing initiatives.

It’s understandable. In B2B companies, marketing is focused on providing leads to sales. That’s how they’re resourced, organized and measured. So they put much of their effort on creating content for demand generation. But the material needed to convert visitors to MQLs (marketing qualified leads) is not designed for converting an MQL into a customer. As a result sales reps are missing content to help them establish a trusted relationship with prospects and close business.

60 days ago
Sales Learning - The New Path To Increased Sales Productivity

In today’s market, winning is often measured by how quickly you can meet customer demands – and that means demonstrating more agility than your competitors. By making your sales reps smarter and faster – so after each meeting or call with a buyer, they’re deemed more credible, more knowledgeable and more trustworthy – you can win more deals.

A major competitive weapon is a sales rep’s ability to be conversant and often times proficient in the things that are important to their customer. That means giving sales easy, on-demand access to relevant content that will satisfy buyer needs, while at the same time helping decision makers move forward in their buying journey.