Increasing Sales Productivity

Increasing Sales Productivity with MicroLearning

2 days ago

You can train a sales rep how to enter an opportunity into the CRM system, but salespeople need to learn how to have value-added conversations with a prospective customer. Salespeople don’t get overly excited about being trained, but they get very excited about learning something new – especially when that “learning” directly impacts their income as in the case of winning sales.


The training classes listed above are all necessary competencies for the salesperson to perform their job, but the microlearnings highlight the knowledge that’s required to conduct value-added conversations. And value-added conversations lead to winning business.What’s more, microlearnings are timely. Salespeople can always get help with pricing configurations when they get back to the office – but they better know about their #1 competitor’s new product announcement when they’re directly asked about it in a client meeting.

Companies are beginning to recognize the need to evolve their sales training programs and are rethinking how learning & development affects their overall productivity levels. There’s a reason they don’t call it the training curve; training will not affect productivity as much as learning.

According to CSO Insights, B2B salespeople spend up to 35% of their time searching for or creating content to advance their sales. A lot of this time is spent looking for the learnings that will allow them to add value to their conversations and win. Harness the knowledge your team is finding every day on their own, and turn it into an effective and efficient system of sharing microlearnings with the sales team to increase productivity.

Our approach to creating an effective microlearning system is simple, which is why we call it the A-B-C Microlearning Package. For this example, I’ll use the first topic on the list of microlearnings in the table listed above, “Insights on our top competitor’s new product.”

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