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At LogicWorx Inc. We represent a number of leading software technologies specific to business process improvement and efficiency, we help companies change and transform their business DNA from mediocre to outstanding, leveraging their people, processes and leading technology, our services team help clients turn their software idea into a viable software product which transforms an industry, we empower employees to be more productive, help sales teams close more business and organizations streamline, lean and optimize their business through effective programs, strategies and technology. As a Zoho Authorized Partner we implement their leading business performance and automation applications from lead generation and sales automation through to human resources, finance, marketing and customer support, resulting in an agile, efficient, growth focused business.

Recently our consultants became Evernote Certified Consultants for their suite of business applications. By deploying Evernote into your business, you effectively tear down the departmental walls and silos of information storage, sharing and collaboration. Evernote for business delivers a true productivity platform where all personnel within a company or team can collaborate, exchange ideas, capture thoughts, define new concepts and requirements, effortlessly, whether they are in front of their computer, online, or working on a mobile device.

By using Evernote for business, companies have a platform which integrates with such applications as Salesforce, Zendesk and many others through configurable APPs and API's, extending the reach and capability of evernote way beyond simple note taking to a powerful collaborative platform. Through these integrations you ensure the right people, have the right information, at the right time to make better informed decisions, collaborate and share ideas. With Evernote, companies have a secure platform where ALL content, whether it's sales, marketing, HR, operations or production related is stored, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company and its employees.

The added value Evernote delivers is that, unlike pen and paper or information which is spread across multiple desks, file folders and inside people's heads! Evernote brings all this information together into one central place, not for just new ideas, any existing information, documents, PDFs, web pages, images, hand written notes and scanned articles, can be deployed within Evernote, structured, organized, searched, linked, referenced and delivered to those individuals who need it. Users have peace of mind knowing their information is maintained indefinitely for prosperity, regardless of what happens to the content owners and authors.

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Through our recent partnership with the team at The ValueShift, we are now able to provide our clients with powerful sales enablement tools and interactive content services, which ensure your sales teams close more business. At LogicWorx we are a team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals with more than fifty years combined experience assisting organizations with direct sales, marketing initiatives, content strategies, business process improvements, employee productivity strategies and content production services.

Working with The Value Shift, we deliver effective sales content, sales training programs and sales tools. Our unique methodology and services are focused on supporting your sales organization – from first call to close. With a strategic and ongoing approach to sales content, your sales reps will have more valuable sales conversations, measurably improve their sales results. Because our experience, processes and services are targeted exclusively to the challenges and needs of sales teams, we deliver a higher ROI than traditional content and training investments.

We provide a complete solution that addresses the sales productivity challenge. We provide our customers with not only the most comprehensive interactive content creation software on the market, but include strategic consulting services focused on increasing sales performance, employee learning and onboarding, while lowering existing content production costs by as much as 40%.

As you review our website, learn about our services and solutions, should you have any questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us, we look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your business and how we can be of service.


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To provide industry leading technology and services which optimize your business, increase employee productivity and empower sales teams to perform better. Our solutions and services help your employees to become more knowledgeable and have deeper, richer conversations with their clients, prospects and buyers.

With our sales and marketing methodology, developed by our strategists with over 20 years of experience, we help your company develop a programmatic approach to employee productivity, efficiency, interactive sales content, faster employee onboarding and increased training content retention. With effective sales strategies, your sales reps will have more valuable sales conversations and close more deals, all while reducing content creation and support costs.

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